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How to make spirits at home

1. Mash fermentation

One dissolves granulated sugar in water, add Turbo yeast and allow to ferment to a mash of 14-18% alcohol. A wine bucket is a good fermenting vessel, for either 8 liter or 25 liter batches. An 8-liter batch can also be fermented in a 10-liter plastic container.

2. Distillation

When the fermentation of the mash is finished, 4 liters is poured into the EasyStill. Plug in the lead and press the start button. A tube leads the alcohol to a tubular activated charcoal filter, so the alcohol is filtered at the same time as distillation takes place. After 4 hours 1.4 liters of good spirits of about 46% alcohol are produced.

3. Enjoy or improve

Now one can drink the spirits as vodka or mix with Prestige essences to give 200 different flavoured spirit drinks. One can also distill the spirits again, to higher alcohol %, for example to use when making Absinthe.